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I made my first trip to Crested Butte, Colorado about 13 years ago for a family ski trip and fell in love with that beautiful area! We have since made many other return trips. During that first trip I made a seemingly ordinary purchase, a pair of sunglasses. It was a very sunny week and I had not packed my sunglasses. These are, to this day, my favorite pair of sunglasses. I've purchased other sunglasses throughout the years (for much less money than this pair), but there is something about this pair that sets them apart. They are the only pair that I keep in a protective case. And these are also my 'travelling' sunglasses. They are not my daily use sunglasses. Through these sunglasses I have skied the slopes around Colorado, Utah, and Montana. These sunglasses have been on dozens of mission trips to Guatemala and all over the United States. They have accompanied me to over a dozen islands in the Caribbean, to remote landscapes on my annual "guys Jeep trip", and to the summits of many of the highest mountains in our country. It's through these lenses that I have seen and pursued many places and experiences that I am deeply passionate about.

Last week, my wife Sherri and I, were vacationing in the Dominican Republic. Each day we would find some chairs on the beach or poolside under a thatched roof cabana, drape our towels over the chairs, and leave our belongings on the small table between the chairs. Some of you may have noticed that I have a limited amount of hair on the top of my head. I would begin each day by removing my sunglasses and spraying a lot of sunscreen on my hair deprived head--the struggle is real! One morning, after this important ritual was completed, I reached down to retrieve my beloved sunglasses and saw something that I had never seen before. I was so intrigued by what I saw that I retrieved my phone, and captured the photo shown above. Instead of looking through the sunglasses, I was now seeing a reflection of the underside of the cabana. It was a unique opportunity to see the world from a different perspective; a perspective that I had not previously seen or ever even considered. It was the world that existed beyond my sunglasses.

During the past ten days since the end of the General Conference, I have been doing my best to truly see and understand the discussion of human sexuality from all perspectives, including those that differ from my own perspective. I was encouraged to learn that I am not the first Methodist to venture into this arena. The founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley, had some strong theological differences with another of his contemporaries, George Whitefield. This blog does not provide the space for a deep dive into those differences, but they were significant.

They were eventually able to put their differing theological perspectives into the context of their greater passion for advancing the Kingdom of God. Their relationship eventually warmed so much that Whitefield asked John Wesley to preach his funeral sermon upon his death. Whitefield even gave Wesley a ring, “in token of my indissoluble union with them in heart and Christian affection, notwithstanding our difference in judgment about some particular points of doctrine.” It was in Wesley’s 1770 funeral sermon that we get the famous phrase, “agree to disagree”:

“And, first, let us keep close to the grand scriptural doctrines which he everywhere delivered. There are many doctrines of a less essential nature, with regard to which even the sincere children of God (such is the present weakness of human understanding) are and have been divided for many ages. In these we may think and let think; we may ‘agree to disagree.’ But, meantime, let us hold fast the essentials of ‘the faith which was once delivered to the saints;’ and which this champion of God so strongly insisted on, at all times, and in all places!” (John Wesley, Sermon 53 "On the Death of Rev. George Whitefield)

I believe the differences experienced between John Wesley and George Whitefield can encourage us today, in these days following the General Conference. Each of us have a unique perspective regarding, among other things, human sexuality and the inclusion of the LBGTQ community. I encourage each of us to "set down our lens" and listen intently to others that may have a different perspective (than our own) in this area. We may very well arrive where John Wesley and George Whitefield arrived, "to agree to disagree". And perhaps we can be like them, who despite their differences, led a movement that introduced the Good News of Jesus Christ countless people as they embraced the Mission given to them (and us) by Jesus and to continue their passion of advancing God's Kingdom.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Tim


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Reminder to set your clocks ahead 1 hour Saturday night!

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 Road to Recovery--The First Step to Freedom

During this season of Lent, we are embarking on a life transforming journey to discover what it means to experience the love and healing presence of Jesus in the areas of our lives where we may not be thriving because of our hurts, habits, or hang ups. Christ came so that our lives may be recovered, restored, and redeemed; that we can thrive as the adopted children of God. This Sunday, Pastor Tim will be preaching from Isaiah 57:18 as we begin this new series based on Jesus' teachings from the Sermon on the Mount  (Matthew 5, 6, 7) and resources from Celebrate Recovery/ Pastor Rick Warren.

We gather for two distinct expressions of worship on Sunday mornings at our 8:30 am and 9:45 am worship services

*We will gather at the Lord's Table for Communion this Sunday

Our JAM (Jesus and Me) Children's Ministry meets at 9:45 am for children ages 3 years old through the fifth grade. Childcare is available for children birth through 2 years old in our nursery during both worship service times on Sunday mornings


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The Road to Recovery Sermon Series

We invite you on a journey through the season of Lent as we discover the only hope for our recovery from sin, death, addiction, despair, fears, doubt,  hurts, habits, and hangups: Jesus Christ.

 March 10th "The First Step to Freedom"

March 17th "Where to Get Help When You Hurt"

March 24th "Letting Go and Coming Clean"

March 31st "Making Changes and Repairing Relationships"

April 7th, "Maintaining Momentum"

April 14th "Recycling My Pain"

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We will again be offering THREE worship services on Easter! We will be retelling the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus Christ through inspiring music and a sermon titled "This is Love".

 All three Easter worship services will be on Sunday, April 21st

 7:00 am "Sunrise Service" with music led by our praise team

8:30 am Traditional Service with music led by our choir

9:45 am Contemporary Service with music led by our praise team.


There will be no JAM (Jesus and Me) children's ministry on Easter Sunday.

Our nursery will be open during all three worship services for children ages birth through two years old.

Our Family Room Worship Site will be open for families with young children at 9:45 am


This week marks the midway point of a two week Generosity Campaign. You should have received a letter last week which includes some amazing celebrations from 2018, some exciting new things that God is calling us to pursue in 2019, and some important details about our 2019, vision inspired budget. We ask that you prayerfully discern how God is calling you and your family to impact the lives of children, youth, adults, and families in our community through your generous financial support of existing and new ministries at Eureka UMC. Please return your commitment card to church on or before March 17th. The card can be placed in the offering trays during the service or returned to the church office by mail. If you prefer, you can also complete an online commitment through our website ( or through our mobile app.

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David Hughes dropping off purses from our recent "Purse and Coat Drive"

EUMC and EHS combined collected roughly 150 purses for disadvantaged moms.  Additionally, EUMC collected enough coats to fill at least 15 large bags!!!  I am confident those great coats helped some families be much more comfortable this winter and many winters to come.  I am grateful for my husband (David) who does mind carting purses to the St. Louis Crisis Nursery site.

Thank you for your generosity!

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can.  As long as ever you can.” – John Wesley

Blessings, Karen Hughes

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Live Stream Video Equipment Update

Over the past two years we have made some advances in our live streaming services. We began with a retired I phone. Last year, we received a special gift from a family that allowed us to purchase a Livestream (MEVO) camera, an I pad to control it, and funding for a mini mix board to import the sound from the soundboard into our video live stream on Sunday mornings.

Our online church community continues to grow. For many families, they will join us online for months before they ever attend a worship service onsite on a Sunday morning. It is also a great option for families who cannot be present due to an illness or travel plans. We also recently 'soft launched' our new Family Room Worship Site which relies heavily on the live stream to accommodate the growing number of families that connect through this new site.

We have determined that to best serve our growing online church community and our growing Family Room Worship Site families that we need to upgrade our video production platform. Our existing MEVO Livestream camera will continue to be used as a secondary camera. In order to provide excellence in worship, we believe that a high quality 'tilt, pan, zoom' digital camera designed for professional live streaming applications will be the most beneficial. This will also require the Livestream video editing hardware and software. This plan also includes hardwiring the two flat screens in the Commons Area plus the four new flat screens in the Family Room Worship Site so that whatever is happening  in the sanctuary is being directly transmitted "in house" in 1080 HD video. We have a family that has also generously given us 18 very high quality, commercial grade, ceiling mounted speakers to replace our existing speakers and to provide new speakers in the Family Room Worship Site. The total cost for all of this will be $12,000.00 for materials and labor. Two families have already donated $1000.00 each towards this project, leaving us with $10,000.00 more to go. We believe it is important to have this new technology installed within the next few weeks so that we can be fully operational by Easter Sunday. If you would like to contribute to this important ministry, please contact Pastor Tim at


This is truly an exciting time at Eureka UMC! We are casting our new, unique vision for Eureka UMC for 2019 and beyond. This has been the result of a year of prayer and discernment from our Vision Team as they listened and responded to the promptings of God's Holy Spirit.

This past Sunday we shared the third key word from the New Vision...Overflow. The Vision Team has discerned that God is calling us to be a church that values multiplication over addition; a church that is committed to advancing God's Kingdom by creating New Places for New People. The team believes that we are called to be 'one church with many locations'.


We have scheduled three 'town hall' type meetings after our Watershed Vision Series has ended. These meetings will be led by members of our Vision Team and facilitated by our pastors. These meetings will provide a space to ask questions and to gain clarity around this new vision for Eureka UMC and what it means for you, what it means for us (as the church), and what it means for our community. There will also be conversations about the proposed name change of the church from Eureka United Methodist Church to The River @ Eureka. Please choose the meeting that best fits into your schedule:

Monday, March 4th at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary

Sunday, March 10th at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary

Thursday, March 14th at 7:00 pm in the Family Room Worship Site

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We had planned to introduce and commission our leadership teams during both worship services on Sunday, February 10th; the day of the ice storm. The teams will be introduced and commissioned during a worship service in March. Here are our leadership team members:


Leadership Team

Larry Baner (chair, PPR chair, Trustee chair)
Susan Dudley (PPR)
Andy Smola (Trustee)
Lisa Koltun (Finance)
Doug McVicar (Lay Leader)
Sally Lippman (PPR)
Jeff Simmons (Trustee)
Carol Wellons (Finance)
Todd Shelton (Finance)
Amanda Oldenberg (Finance)
Doug Stallman (Lay Member, Trustee)
Amber Wood (PPR)

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development

Pastor Tim Schulte (Chair)
Larry Baner (Vice Chair)
Doug McVicar (Lay Leader)
Jenny Babb
Cathy Westbury
Gay Herron
Teresa Simmons

(photo of one of our high school students rappelling in Colorado in 2017)

(photo of one of our high school students rappelling in Colorado in 2017)

ELEVATION Adventure Camp

I’m stoked to be co-leading the ELEVATION Adventure Camp in COLORADO through the Next Generation Ministries of the Missouri Conference this summer! This amazing camp is for high school students. There are just 40 spots available statewide for this amazing camp. Interested? Open the link below or contact Pastor Tim  at  Dates of the ELEVATION Adventure Camp is June 30-July 7, 2019. We do expect this camp to fill up quickly!
**The Missouri Conference is currently offering a $50.00 early registration discount  

Summer 2019 Youth Mission Trip

 We will again be partnering with Student Life Ministries this year for our Youth Mission Trip.  We will be staying at the Windermere Conference Center just outside of Lake of the Ozarks from June 10-14.  This will be a week full of worship, mission work, Bible study, and tons of fun!  It is open to grades 6-12.  For more information, contact Jenny Babb at


EUMC Youth Mission Trip 2019 v2.jpg

Jennifer O’Connor, Karen Hughes, Sherri Schulte, Sue Engsberg, Tina Butler and Donna Valleroy

Jennifer O’Connor, Karen Hughes, Sherri Schulte, Sue Engsberg, Tina Butler and Donna Valleroy

CCM’s are lay ministers who serve alongside our pastors to provide care for our church family. You may contact us by:

  • Calling the church office at (636) 938-6377

  • Fill in the prayer request card attached to the weekly worship bulletin.

  • Through our EUMC app or website (

  • Contact a CCM on a Sunday morning Or call CCM Sue Engsberg at 314 707 8733

Holy Land Tour, December 2-11, 2019 plus optional tour to Petra, Jordan December 11-14.

In just over one year, a group of 24 youth and adults from EUMC will be heading to the Holy Land for an amazing and life transforming experience. Do you want to walk where Jesus walked? Want to see historical places of the Bible? Now is the time. EUMC is joining the Conference of United Methodist on a tour of Israel with an optional extension to Jordan. Join Group Leaders Pastor Tim and Sue Engsberg on this marvelous Holy Land Tour.

If you are interested in securing your spot or if you have any questions, please contact Sue Engsberg at or 314/707-8733.

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Have an amazing weekend and

we look forward to seeing you Sunday morning!


Tim Schulte
Eureka United Methodist Church
215 North Central Avenue, Eureka MO 63025

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