EUMC News! (July 22nd, 2018)


We would like you to meet Emma*. Emma (8) and her family rely on the Eureka Food Pantry, housed at Eureka UMC, to supplement their food needs each month. Emma's mom works hard, but life as a single mom is not easy. Most of their income goes towards rent and food, leaving little, if anything left, for much else. While many children in our community experience a summer filled with summer camps, family vacations, trips to the Magic House, a few weekends at the lake, and frequent trips to the pool, this does not describe Emma's summer. Emma's summer is just like the rest of the seasons; summer is just another season of struggling.

Our Director of Family Ministries, Jenny Babb, has been intentional over the past few weeks to visit with families connected to the Food Pantry regarding the upcoming Eagle Lake Camp. Jenny met Emma and her mom two weeks ago on a Tuesday morning shortly after the Food Pantry opened. Jenny introduced herself and invited Emma and her mom to view the Eagle Lake promotional video on her laptop while she explained to them that she would like to offer Emma a full scholarship to attend the Camp; the cost of the Camp is $200.00. As Emma watched the short video a tear welled up in her eye and rolled down her cheek. "Mom", she said, "can I go to this camp? I've never done anything like this and it looks amazing." Her mom, now aware that a full scholarship was the only way that this would be possible said, "yes, let's plan on it."

Emma was ecstatic! Jenny sat on the steps just outside of the Food Pantry, laptop in hand, and began the registration process. Emma sat down next to Jenny as she and her mom completed the registration process. Emma interrupted their conversation,"Jenny, can I watch the video again?" 

"Of course", Jenny replied. 

Emma pressed into Jenny as she watched the video again, this time knowing that she would be one of the kids in next year's video. "I can't wait for camp", she exclaimed.

Jenny completed the registration process and Emma stood up to leave As she passed through the door, she turned her head, her face displaying a smile from ear to ear, "thank you, Jenny." Jenny smiled back and replied, "you're welcome, but this scholarship is not from me, it's from the church. We look forward to seeing you at camp in a few weeks!"

A few weeks later, Emma and her family arrived at our Monthly Mission Dinner. Again, Jenny was present to visit with families connected with the Food Pantry regarding scholarship opportunities for the Eagle Lake Camp. Emma's mom shared that her daughter had begun packing her small backpack for camp as soon as they returned home from the Food Pantry. Emma had found her swimsuit and a towel, plus a water bottle, and placed it in her backpack. To say that she is excited for the camp is an understatement.

Emma again asked Jenny, "can I watch that video again?" Jenny obliged and Emma once again watched the video. Emma's brother, just a year older than her, stepped over to see the video. Previously, he wasn't sure that he wanted to spend the week at some "lame church camp" with his sister. He soon learned, through the video, that the word "lame" is not allowed at this camp. He asked if he could go, too. And you've probably already guessed, the answer from mom was "yes" and another scholarship was awarded.

Jenny has had dozens of conversations like these over the past few weeks. Next week, there will be over 20 "Emmas" at camp. These are children that would never be able to attend a camp like this, but the scholarships made it possible. For these children, and dozens of others at the camp, this will be the best week of their summer, perhaps the best week of their year, and for some, the best week of their young lives.

These scholarships were made available through a gift from the Methodist Men. We are thankful for their generosity. To say that their generosity is changing lives is again and understatement. 

When you give through Eureka UMC, you are changing lives and expanding the reach of God's Kingdom. The reality is, doing amazing and life changing ministry often requires significant financial resources.

The summer months often find many of us experiencing a slower pace of life with vacations, trips to the lake, etc.. And it's during the summer that the life changing ministries of Eureka UMC ramp up.

We find ourselves in new territory this summer. Our attendance is up significantly (15%) and yet our overall giving is down (9%) from the previous summer. The busyness of summer activities often means that we simpley forget to give. We encourage you to 'catch up' on your pledged giving and/or to make an additional special gift of $250, $400, $1000 (or more) to ensure that we can continue the ministries God has called us to fulfill. We are poised to reach more children and families with the love of Jesus this summer through our passionate worship services, our amazing Eagle Lake Camp, two community Block Parties, and Eureka Days than ever before. 

It is easy to make a one time gift or a recurring gift through the link on our mobile app:

The Mission Dinner was ending and Emma approached Jenny one more time. She asked, "Jenny, can I watch that video just one more time?"

Jenny pulled up the link on her laptop and watched the video one more time with Emma and her brother. Emma smiled and said to Jenny, "thank you for paying for camp. I can't wait until next week! This is going to be the best week ever!"

Camp will be fun for Emma, but Camp is more than fun. It will be a place where she can meet Jesus. As Emma encounters Jesus, so will her family. It will be a place where she will experience Christ's unconditional love. It will be a place where grace flows freely and hope is dispensed abundantly. Emma's life, and her families lives, will be changed through this amazing experience next week. An experience only possible through your faithful and extravagant generosity.

See you at Camp, Emma!

*Emma is not her real name the photo is a stock photo but everything else is absolutely true.

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We are beginning a continuing our series in Matthew this Sunday!

This compelling series will invite us to truly walk with Jesus as we experience his ministry through the eyes of the disciples and consider how these teachings speak to us today.

Join us this Sunday as Pastor Tim shares a compelling message, "Stepping Out of the Boat" from Matthew 14:22-33.

 8:30 am Traditional Service: 


We Believe in the One True God
Ask Ye What Great Thing
What a Friend
Nearer My God to Thee

 9:45 am Contemporary Service (and Live Stream on Facebook Live)

Worship Songs:

Holy is the Lord
How Great is our God
I Will Follow
All My Hope
All the People Said Amen

Our JAM (Jesus and Me) Children's Ministry meets at 9:45 am for children ages 3 years old through the fifth grade.

Childcare is available for children birth through 2 years old in our nursery during both worship service times on Sunday mornings.

Upcoming Sermons:

July 22, "Stepping out of the Boat" Pastor Tim *Eagle Lake Kickoff

July 29, "Go" Pastor Tim *Baptism at 8:30 am 

upcoming sermons.jpg

Upcoming Sermons:

July 22, "Stepping out of the Boat" Pastor Tim *Eagle Lake Kickoff

July 29, "Go" Pastor Tim *Baptism at 8:30 am 


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Holy Land Tour, December 2-11, 2019 plus optional tour to Petra, Jordan December 11-14.

Want to walk where Jesus walked? Want to see historical places of the Bible? Now is the time. EUMC is joining the Conference of United Methodist on a tour of Israel with an optional extension to Jordan. Join Group Leaders Pastor Tim and Sue Engsberg on this marvelous Holy Land Tour.

This trip is filling up quickly! We currently have 24 people registered for this trip! If you are interested in securing your spot or if you have any questions, please contact Sue Engsberg at or 314/707-8733.

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Did you know that you can give to the life changing ministries of Eureka UMC through your smartphone? We recently launched our new SubSplash giving platform through our mobile app. It takes less than two minutes to set up an account through the mobile app and from there giving is simple! You can set up a recurring gift (i.e. weekly or monthly) and also make 'one time' gifts with a simple click on your smart device.

Your continued, generous financial support of the ministries at Eureka UMC is greatly appreciated, is making a difference, and will allow us to fuel our Mission of 'making new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.'

Upcoming opportunities to Connect, Grow, or Serve through EUMC

Upcoming opportunities to Connect, Grow, or Serve through EUMC

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We have identified a family in Eureka that will benefit greatly from some renovations to their home. Their home, although not in the floodplain, was damaged by the intense rain event last year that caused the record flooding. Rain water flooded their home and destroyed the flooring and part of the drywall. Team Rubicon 'gutted' the house in May 2017 and nothing has been done to restore the home. We are in the process of organizing a team in partnership with St. Mark's Lutheran Church to complete this project. Dates are TBD but will likely be in early to mid August. Our volunteer team coordinator for this project is Tom Brozka. If you'd like to be part of the team, whether for a few hours or a few days, please contact Tom at 

The scope of this project will include moving large items (the family will be moved out of their home for about a week), demolition work, cleaning, drywall repairs, painting, new flooring, and repairs in the kitchen and bathroom.


One of our HCI prescriptions included improvements in communication. Our HCI coach advised us that part of that communication is the message that our facility is sending to guests and members. One of the first critical areas to be addressed will be our Fellowship Hall. This is the most widely used space by community groups (Scouts, EHS Football team, exercise classes, square dancers, etc) in our facility. Larry Baner is leading the way with this renovation project.

The scope of this project will include refinishing the floors, drywall repairs, painting, replacing damaged ceiling tiles, and potentially updating the bathrooms. If you are interested in serving on this team, please contact Larry Baner at for more information.

Save the Date:

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Feed My Starving Children pack
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

October 10-14 , 2018


 Ice Cream with the Pastor

August 5 @ 11 am
September 16 @ 11 am

Summer Connect Classes

July 29 from 11 am-noon
August 26 from 11 am-noon
September 9 from 11 am-noon


Did you know that children are often anxious, bullied or made fun of when they don’t have a backpack or school supplies?  You can help prevent that from happening by participating in the annual backpack drive organized by EUMC WOW (women of worship) to benefit children who utilize the Eureka Food Pantry and children serviced by the St. Louis Crisis Nursery. 

GREAT NEWS:  backpacks provided!  So just fill them up with school supplies!

The “Fill a backpack” school supply drive runs from July 1 – 29. 

We will have a box filled with new, empty backpacks in the Commons Area beginning Sunday, July 1.  Participants will simply need to grab an empty backpack  (or 2), along with a supply lists.  Fill the backpack with supplies from the list.   Then put the filled backpack into the box at church with the list attached or included inside the backpack.  If some of the supplies won’t fit inside the backpack, simply place them in a plastic grocery bag and securely tie the handles of the bag around one of the straps of the backpack.  All the backpacks need to be returned Sunday, July 29 and placed in the box or boxes in the Commons Area.

The supply list will be in 2 envelopes attached to the box.  1 envelope will have supply lists for local children who utilize the Eureka Food Pantry and 1 envelope will have supply lists for children supported by the St. Louis Crisis Nursery.  It is REALLY important that the list be connected to or inside the backpack so that it gets delivered to the correct child. 

Please contact me directly (Karen Hughes at if you want to participate but need a supply list emailed to you --- or if you have questions.

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ!!

Have a fantastic week and

we look forward to seeing you on Sunday Morning!


Tim Schulte
Eureka United Methodist Church
215 North Central Avenue, Eureka MO 63025

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