The River at Eureka News! (June 20th, 2019)

Our Vision:

Connecting Hearts, Thriving Together, Overflowing into the World

Our Mission:

To make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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Each year, an equal number of pastors and lay delegates gather in Springfield, MO in early June for the Annual Conference Session. A few weeks ago, Doug Stallman accompanied Pastor Tim as your representative to this conference. Here are some of Doug's thoughts about what he experienced that weekend:

First of all, I would like to thank Jesus Christ for his grace and mercy and loving us. I would also like to thank all of you for your support of this church and its ministry and mission over the years. Your support is absolutely instrumental in spreading the good news of Jesus! This year the conference had 35 clergy retire with 1,008years combined service, now that’s dedication and listening to GODS calling! The theme this year was “new places for new people”. Some of my takeaways for you from annual conference are:

  1. Don’t get comfortable, dream big, have vision.

  2. We are all on a trip and only God knows the destination.

  3. Bloom where you are planted.

  4. Build authentic relationships...this builds kingdoms for Jesus Christ.

  5. Is there a deeper commitment in your future?

  6. Be courageous!

  7. Where are you being called into risk taking missions? What is God‘s purpose for you in the church.

  8. Be a difference maker!

  9. Who are you nurturing?

  10. Prayer releases the power of GOD! He wants to hear from us, he wants a relationship!

  11. When you ask yourselves...”but what can I do”? What do leaders look like today? LOOK AROUND....! GOD has raised up and will continue to raise up leaders in the church. You may not be the leader, but you might be nurturing one right now and not know it! Your actions speak louder than words.

  12. God doesn’t care about our seating capacity, he cares about our “sending” capacity!

  13. Think about those that have gone before you here at EUMC that may have “planted” in you... what was their nurturing impact on your life or your children’s life? Some that have nurtured me (and probably without knowing it) were: Noel Baugh, Paul Landes, Jim Branscum, AR Howard, and Joy Drewel to name a few.... my question for you is, why are you here? What impact and influence will you have on those around you for the Kingdom?

Yours in Christ,

Doug Stallman

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Celebrate Recovery (CR) meets EVERY Wednesday, no exceptions. We do not cancel for holidays or inclement weather. Each Wednesday, our Celebration Worship service alternates between a teaching and a testimony. Next week, June 26th, Mike Cockson will be sharing the teaching message about "TURN", based on Principle 3 and Step 3 on the Road to Recovery.

Wednesday's at Celebrate Recovery

6:00-6:30pm   Dinner in the Commons (first time CR guests eat free, after that $5 per plate)

7:00-8:00pm   Celebration Worship in the sanctuary

8:00-9:00pm  Open Share Groups

                                    Newcomers 101                      For 1st time CR guests

                                    Women's Addiction                Addiction, alcoholism, etc.

                                    Women's Mixed Issues          Grief, pain, divorce, codependency, etc.

                                    Men's Addiction                     Addiction, alcoholism, etc.

                                    Men's Mixed Issues                Grief, pain, divorce, codependency, etc.

9:00-9:30         CR Cafe in the Commons; donuts, coffee, and fellowship

*Complimentary childcare is available from 6:30-9:00pm

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Have you ever lied to someone?
Has someone ever lied to you?
Have you experienced the death of a spouse, child, sibling or a close friend?
Have you been through a divorce?
Do you have any resentment towards anyone in your life?
Have you ever experienced disappointment in your life?
Do you struggle with depression and/or anxiety? Do you live with someone who does?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these pop quiz questions, please consider joining us on Wednesday for Celebrate Recovery.

This Sunday


"How Will You Measure Your Life?" Sermon Series continues this Sunday, June 23.

(see description below in "upcoming sermons")

Pastor Tim will be preaching this Sunday from Mark 10:35-37, 41-45, a sermon titled "By Who and How You Serve". 

Worship Service times are at 8:30 am and 9:45 am**

JAM Children's Ministry gathers at 9:45 am (children ages 3 through the 5th grade)

Our new Family Room Worship Site gathers at 9:45 am

Childcare is available during both worship services for children birth through 2 years old.

 **We will be celebrating a baptism at the 9:45 am service on Sunday


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How Will You Measure Your Life?

In the final class of each semester, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christenson asks his
students how they will apply the theories of business and organizations to their own lives to
ensure that:

  • they are happy and successful in their careers

  • their relationships are an enduring source of happiness

  • they live lives of integrity

Those discussions led to his best-selling book, “How Will You Measure Your Life?” This sermon series explores this same question. Drawing from biblical wisdom, it looks at how what we choose and value has far greater impact on our lives than what we achieve and acquire.

June 23,  "By Who and How You Serve"


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"Unlearning Religion"

Jenny Babb will be preaching through this two week series that will focus on Jesus' teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. Half of learning something new is unlearning something old. We have to avoid wrong turns and follow the path laid out in scripture so that we can know the truth in God’s Word.

June 30, "Judge Not"

July 7, "Love Causes Change"



Jesus lived in a world where being a disciple, following and learning from a Rabbi (Teacher), meant following so closely that the disciple would be covered with the dust of the Rabbi. With each foot step of the Rabbi, the dust would cling to the disciple. We are still called to be disciples, to follow Jesus closely, to be covered in His dust. The "Dust" sermon series will challenge us to follow Jesus more closely as we also share the new discipleship pathway that our amazing team has been discerning and creating over the past nine months.

July 14, "Love"

July 21, "Learn"

July 28, "Live"

August 4, "Lead"

momentum washers tourney.jpg

July 27, 2019.
9 am start time.
$20 per person/ $40 per team.
BBQ lunch will be included.

Net proceeds to benefit our youth and children's ministries!

Trophies to the winners. They will be defended each year. Names of winners will be engraved on trophies! Double elimination format.
Bring your entire family and your friends!

RSVP on the moMENtum Facebook event page!


Children's Ministry News

 During the month of June, our kids will be focusing on Galatians 5:22-23 “The fruit the Holy Spirit produces is love, joy and peace. It is being patient, kind and good. It is being faithful and gentle and having control of oneself."  Each week we will be using Bible stories, games, and crafts to emphasize what God is doing is us to change the world around us. 

Eagle Lake Host Homes- Eagle Lake Counselors will be arriving on Saturday July 27th, and will be staying for 1 week.  While they are in town, they will need a place to stay.  Each year, we look for families that are willing to open their homes to these college age counselors that give so much of themselves to Eagle Lake Camp.  If you are interested in more information, please contact Jenny Babb. 

Summer Youth Outing- On Friday, June 21st, a group of our youth will being going on a day trip to Elephant Rocks State Park and Johnson's Shut-Ins.  We will leave Eureka UMC at 9 am and return at 4:30 pm.  This will be a free trip, just send your child with some money for lunch!  Spots are limited, so contact Jenny to reserve your child's spot!

Eagle Lake Mini Camp- We are offering a Mini Camp for ages 3-5 on the same week of Eagle Lake Camp (July 29-Aug 2).  The time frame is 9am to 1pm, and the cost is $100 for the week.  There will be games, crafts, songs, outside play, and tons of fun!  Spots are limited, so reserve your child's spot right away at

Eagle Lake Volunteers Needed!  There will be many opportunities to serve during the week of Eagle Lake Camp. There are opportunities to serve as a host home, you can help serve lunch, help with the check in/checkout process, or assist with our mini-camp.  If you are available to help in any way, please contact Jenny at

family worship sundays.jpg

5th Family Sunday- There are only a few months each year that have 5 Sundays.  We have decided to make these rare occasions an opportunity for inter-generational worship during the 9:45 am worship service!  Our JaM children's ministry will not be open on the 5th Sundays of the month. Instead, we invite the children to participate in the regular worship service, where they will be assisting with greeting, helping the ushers, and leading songs.  The nursery be open for children ages birth through two years old. Our first 5th Family Sunday will be on June 30th.

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Youth Ministry News!

(photo of one of our high school students rappelling in Colorado in 2017)

(photo of one of our high school students rappelling in Colorado in 2017)

ELEVATION Adventure Camp

There are still a few spots for the ELEVATION Adventure Camp in COLORADO. Dates are June 30-July 7. Pastor Tim and Pastor Jeff Baker are co-leading this amazing camp is for high school students. There are just 40 spots available statewide for this amazing camp. Interested? Open the link below:  

This camp is now HALF PRICE, reduced to $250.00 per camper! The deadline for registration is on Monday, June 17th

*Those that have already registered will be receiving a refund for the difference.

Congregational Care Ministry Team

Karen Hughes, Sherri Schulte, Doug McVicar
Sue Engsberg, Tina Butler and Donna Valleroy


CCM’s are lay ministers who serve alongside our pastors to provide care for our church family. You may contact us by:

Ø  Calling the church office at (636) 938-6377
Ø  Fill in the prayer request card attached to the weekly worship bulletin.
Ø  Through our EUMC app or website (
Ø  Contact a CCM on a Sunday morning Or call CCM Sue Engsberg at 314 707 8733

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you Sunday morning!