The River at Eureka News! (Aug 23th, 2019)


Our Vision:

Connecting Hearts, Thriving Together, Overflowing into the World

Our Mission:

To make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Our new website ( and mobile app are all organized around our new Discipleship Pathway (see image above). Our weekly E-Newsletter is also going to be organized around the Discipleship Pathway! Love, Learn, Live, and Lead!


Pastor Tim and his wife, Sherri, will be out of the office beginning this Sunday afternoon (8/25/19) through September 6th. They will be attending a Conference in Kansas City through Wednesday and will begin their vacation Wednesday afternoon. Sherri has some great volunteers who will be covering the office. If you have a pastoral need or emergency, please contact one of our Congregational Care Ministers through our dedicated CCM cell phone at 636-386-6350. Our amazing CCM team will be responding to all of the congregational care needs during this time. Rev. Len Krudop has also agreed to be on call as needed. During their vacation, Pastor Tim will not be receiving phone calls, text messages, or responding to emails.


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When Paddling Harder Doesn't Work

Thomas Jefferson commissioned the Corps of Discovery with one primary mission as they explored the Louisiana Purchase: to discover the legendary Northwest Passage. If this waterway existed it would be a monumental discovery and would greatly increase commerce and trade for our young nation. Jefferson appointed two leaders, Lewis and Clark, to lead this expedition. Both of these men were excellent leaders and very adept at navigating waterways. Their choice seemed logical because it was believed that this expedition would travel by waterways all of the way to the Pacific Ocean.

 August 12, 1805 was a defining date of the expedition for Meriwether Lewis. He had just reached Lemhi Pass. Tod Bolsinger, the author of "Canoeing the Mountains" describes it this way:

 "He was approaching the farthest boundary of the Louisiana Territory, the Continental Divide--the spine of the Rocky Mountains beyond which the rivers flow west. No American citizen had ever been there before. This he believed was the Northwest Passage: the goal of explorers for more than three centuries, the great prize that Thomas Jefferson had sent him to find and claim for the United States.

 With each stride, Lewis was nearing what he expected to be the crowning moment of the expedition and his life. From the vantage point just ahead, all of science and geography had prepared him to see the watershed for the Columbia and beyond it, perhaps, a great plain that led down to the Pacific.

 Instead, there were just more mountains--"immense ranges of high mountains still to the West of us," he wrote, "with their tops partially covered with snow."

 At that moment, in the daunting vista spread out at the feet of Meriwether Lewis, the dream of an easy water route across the continent--a dream stretching back to Christopher Columbus--was shattered." (Canoeing the Mountains, Tod Bolsinger, IVP Books, Downers Grove, 2015, p. 87-89)

 Can you imagine what that must have felt like? Nothing was as they had expected. There was no Northwest Passage. The canoes that they had relied on were no longer useful. Even though they were expert navigators on the water, they knew that their canoes would no longer take them to where they were going. You cannot canoe the mountains. No amount of paddling would get them there. It was not about paddling harder.

 But they kept their eyes on the mission; reaching the Pacific Ocean. These men were now in uncharted territory, they were off the map. This required adaptation. They traded their canoes for horses. The mission was too important. The only option was to embrace change so that they could fulfill the mission.

 Bolsinger contends that the 21st century church is at Lemhi Pass. We are in uncharted territory. We are off of the map. We are explorers who must adapt and change for the sake of the Mission. The message does not change, but our methods must. The territory ahead looks nothing like the familiar territory of the 1950's, the 1990's or even 2018. It's no longer a matter of paddling harder. The Mission, given to us from Jesus to "go therefore and make disciples" (Matthew 28:19) is the sole reason we, the church, exist.

 Welcome to Lemhi Pass.

 We are in uncharted territory. We are explorers.

 Our Mission has not changed.

 Saddle the horses.


Grace and peace,

Pastor Tim

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Celebrate Recovery (CR) meets EVERY Wednesday, no exceptions. We do not cancel for holidays or inclement weather. Each Wednesday, our Celebration Worship service alternates between a teaching and a testimony.

Wednesday's at Celebrate Recovery

6:00-6:30pm   Dinner in the Commons (first time CR guests eat free, after that $5 per plate)

7:00-8:00pm   Celebration Worship in the sanctuary

8:00-9:00pm  Open Share Groups

                                    Newcomers 101                      For 1st time CR guests

                                    Women's Addiction                Addiction, alcoholism, etc.

                                    Women's Mixed Issues          Grief, pain, divorce, codependency, etc.

                                    Men's Addiction                     Addiction, alcoholism, etc.

                                    Men's Mixed Issues                Grief, pain, divorce, codependency, etc.

9:00-9:30         CR Cafe in the Commons; donuts, coffee, and fellowship

*Complimentary childcare is available from 6:30-9:00pm


This Sunday, August 25th


"The River"

 Pastor Tim will continue our current sermon series, "The River", on Sunday. This series will challenge us to discern where God is calling each of us to lead in God's church. During this series, Pastor Tim will also be sharing the work of the Leadership Development Team which has been meeting for the past eight months to discern and develop our new Leadership Development Pipeline (LDP). The three components of the LDP are Discover, Develop, and Deploy. Our focus this Sunday will be on Deploy, based on Luke 10:1-3..


Worship Service times are at 8:30 am and 9:45 am

X-Stream Kid's Ministry gathers at 9:45 am (children ages 3 through the 5th grade)

Our new Family Room Worship Site gathers at 9:45 am

Childcare is available during both worship services for children birth through 2 years old.


**Communion Sunday at both services


8:30 am hymns

347 Spirit Song
57 O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
261 Lord of the Dance


9:45 am worship songs

Your Love Never Fails
God of This City
Come as You Are
Until The Whole World Hears 

good and beautiful god.jpg

We will begin a new sermon series in September, "The Good and Beautiful God". This series, based on the book by James Bryan Smith, will challenge us to fall in love with the God Jesus knows.


September 1             "What Are You Seeking?" (Jenny Babb preaching)

September 8             "God is Good"

September 15           "God is Trustworthy"

September 22           "God is Generous"

September 29           "God is Love"

October 6                  "God is Holy"

October 13                "God is Self Sacrificing"

October 20                "God Transforms"

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ACTs (55+ Adult Ministry) Old Fashioned Picnic

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 from 10 am – 4 pm at Lakewood Hills Park. Come enjoy BBQ burgers with all the trimmings!

We’ll also have washers, badminton, croquet, swimming, fishing, etc. See Betty Branscum for reservations and a map.

golf scramble pic.jpg

13th Annual moMENtum Golf Scramble set for September 15th!

All are invited to this fun afternoon of golf at Aberdeen Golf Club in Eureka! Sign in an lunch will begin at 10:45 am until 1:00 pm and the Golf Scramble will begin at 1:00 pm.

This is a great event with wonderful prizes, great food and friends, and the proceeds will benefit our life changing Celebrate Recovery Ministry!

Please visit for more information and to register.

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Proclamation Brass Concert on Sunday, October 6th

Our very own Proclamation Brass will be performing a benefit concert on Sunday evening, October 6th with all proceeds benefiting Feed My Starving Children. Concert start time TBD.

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Congregational Care Ministry (CCM) Team

 Karen Hughes, Sherri Schulte, Doug McVicar,

Sue Engsberg, Tina Butler, and Donna Valleroy


CCM’s are lay ministers who serve alongside our pastor to provide care for our church family. You may contact us by:

  •  Calling the church office at (636) 938-6377

  • Fill in the prayer request card attached to the weekly worship bulletin.

  •  Through The River app or website (

  •  Contact a CCM on a Sunday morning or call the CCM phone at 636-386-6350

state of the church 2019.png

Monday, September 23rd at 6:30 pm

You are invited to join Pastor Tim for the "State of the Church" meeting on Monday, September 23rd at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary. This meeting will include updates from our HCI process, updates on new places for new people, and a Q&A session. All are welcome to attend.


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New Life Groups are now forming!

During the Summer, Pastor Tim and his wife, Sherri, led a Turbo Group and mentored and equipped this amazing group of new Life Group Leaders. These new leaders are in the process of organizing their own new Life Groups. Meet our new Life Group Leaders (L-R):

David and Jenny Babb           or

Bill and Christy Sommer        or

Blake and Stephanie Fischer or

Todd and Meaghan Shelton or

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The River's Edge

The River's Edge is a gathering of people who have been attending The River for several weeks, months, or maybe even several years and are ready to take the next step in their faith and connection in the church. Pastor Tim will be leading our first ever River's Edge beginning on Sunday, September 8th from 11:00-11:35 am. Childcare will be available. The River's Edge will meet four times for one hour (on Sunday's immediately following the last worship service) during the Fall. This is a great place to learn about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and how we live out our faith as Christians in the United Methodist tradition. During our last gathering, you will meet your Connect Coach; they will help you CONNECT at The River, so that you may THRIVE as a child of God, in order that God's love may OVERFLOW in and through your life. Though not required, those that complete the River's Edge will also have the option to become a member of the church.

Are you ready to come to the River's Edge? Please contact Pastor Tim at


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The River at Eureka has a strong tradition of confirmation spanning many decades. During the Confirmation journey, students grades 6-12 will have to opportunity to ask questions, deepen their faith, and to ultimately profess their faith in Jesus Christ. There will be a Confirmation Parent Meeting on Sunday, September 29th at 11:00 am in Room 207. For more information, please contact Jenny Babb at



Eureka Elementary School Partnership

We are excited to enter our third school year partnership with Eureka Elementary School! This year, we will be expanding our partnership to include more opportunities to serve and to make a difference in the lives of these amazing students and the staff.

If you'd like to be part of this fun and amazing ministry, please plan to attend one of two Volunteer Orientations scheduled at Eureka Elementary School on Wednesday, September 4th at 9:15 am or 6:00 pm. Also, just a reminder that the NEW Eureka Elementary is located in the Arbors of Rockwood subdivision! Need more information? Please contact our team leader, Sue Richmond at

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Did you know that we serve a full meal at Celebrate Recovery every Wednesday night? Each week, a different family or group of friends prepare and serve a meal to the amazing CR leadership and participants in this growing and life changing (and life saving) ministry. This is an incredible opportunity to serve! For more information and/or to register, please open the link below:

eureka days 2019.jpg

We are entering our third year of partnering with the Eureka Parks Department! We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with and to serve our community through this partnership! Eureka Days is just about a month away and there will be numerous opportunities to serve. We will be hosting the Kids Korner at Eureka Days on September 7th. Please Contact Jenny Babb at to serve in this area. The Parks Department has asked if we can provide Parade Marshalls for the Eureka Days Parade. This team will be positioned along the parade route and assist in keeping the parade route clear. If you are interested in serving in this capacity please contact Pastor Tim at All of those who volunteer to serve will receive one of our new RIVER t shirts!

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Save The Date!

This Fall, we will be partnering with dozens of other churches to pack nearly one million meals for children in need all over the world. These meals change and save lives! Our Guatemala mission teams have seen children eating these nutritious meals!

Our shifts are as follows and will be at Good Shephard Lutheran Church in Manchester.

Meal Packing Shift 1                       October 19th from 12:15-2:30 pm
Meal Packing Shift 2 (Youth)         October 19th from 7:00-9:00 pm

backpack drive 2019.jpg

Many thanks to all who participated in the backpack drive.  It was a huge success!! Grateful for your generosity and appreciate you stepping up to be the hands and feet of the Lord.  For these children, you have contributed to their excitement for the new school year.  On top of that, helping them be prepared will positively affect their mental and emotional well-being.  


Karen Hughes & Renee Smola


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We are preparing to launch our second leadership training for our growing Celebrate Recovery Ministry! If you are interested in being part of this next group of new leaders, please contact our CR leadership development trainer, Cathy Westbury, at


During the past two years, I have made a commitment to the leadership of The River (and myself) to meet at least 1000 new people each year and to invite at least one new person/family to church each week. This has not only been exciting, but it has resulted in dozens of new people coming to Christ and finding a connection at The River! As we continue to live into our new Vision with a strong emphasis on multiplication, I am seeking to multiply my efforts by equipping others to do the same. With as few as 10 people, the engage team can meet 10,000 new people in our mission field and invite hundreds of new people to The River in 2020! I have recently began training and equipping two other individuals who are committed to meeting 10 new people per week which means the effects of this ministry has already been multiplied 100%. Maybe God is calling you to be part of this exciting new ministry? If you'd like to learn more about being part of engage, please contact me at

Let's connect with 10,000 people in 2020!

Pastor Tim

charge conference.jpg

October 19th, 10am-noon, Fenton UMC

The charge conference is the basic governing body of each United Methodist local church and is composed of all members of the Leadership Team. All members of the charge conference must be members of the local church. The charge conference must meet at least once per year. The charge conference directs the work of the church and gives general oversight to the Leadership Team, reviews and evaluates the vision, mission, and ministry of the church, sets salaries for the pastor and staff, elects the members of Leadership Team (based on nominations for the Nominations and Leadership Development Team), and recommends candidates for ordained ministry.


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Children's Ministry News

Our theme for the month of August is OBEDIENCE and is based on 2 John 1:6, "And this is love, that we walk according to his commandments; this is the commandment just as you have heard it from the beginning—you must walk in it." (NRSV)

 Introducing the new name of our Children's Ministry...

Xstream Logo SM.png

We are excited to adopt a new name, X-Stream Kid's, for our Children's Ministry! This new name aligns with our church's new vision and the upcoming name change to The River at Eureka on August 11th.


Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you Sunday morning!